It’s BBQ Season – Get Your Grill Ready This Summer

It’s hot grill season – time to prove yourself as the best at barbecue.

Make 2024 the year of the perfect BBQ and we’re going to make sure you’re ready for it.

Here are our best kept tips to prepare you for the BBQ season.

Bring Out Your Summer BBQ Checklist

Copy and paste the list into your notes and amend as needed. For the ultimate BBQ experience, you will need to be prepared, and that’s for your safety as well as for your taste buds.

If you keep track of everything listed, you are guaranteed to have a successful barbecue.

Get Your BBQ A Raincoat

Wet BBQs don’t work.

Imagine, you’ve just invested in your beloved BBQ, and it rains. You try your efforts to protect the machine, but you are out of luck and time. You shout for towels, your car cover, anything that will save your baby from the elements.

But why worry about the inevitable when vented BBQ covers exist?

All BBQ covers can offer protection from the weather, however, only vented barbecues will protect from rusting. Moisture from the air can get trapped underneath the cover which allows condensation to form and cause rusting. The vents will allow your barbecue to ‘breathe’ by releasing excess humidity.

However, you should lift the vented covers periodically to allow air to circulate.

A BBQ cover is essential as it protects your barbecue from water, sun, wear, tear and rusting. Vented grill covers are essential for maintaining the durability of your barbecue.

Don’t let your poor grill get soaked by the rain.

Tip: Make sure your BBQ is dry before putting the cover on and remove the cover occasionally.

Theme It!

BBQs are long-awaited all year round and so for the best BBQ experience you will need a theme. Get your guests and family involved with the event planning so you can focus on the main action- getting the BBQ and food ready.

Here is a list of potential themes:

  • Western BBQ– this is the classic Texan BBQ theme where you can impress with slow-cooked meats like Brisket. Play some country music then bring out the good meat and memories.
  • White Party – have your guests dress up in all white. A white party signifies the end of summer so this theme would fit an August or September barbecue.
  • Beach BBQ– When you think of Summer you think of the beach and so a Beach BBQ might just be the right theme for you. Rather than just having meat, you can serve your seafood favourites and have your guests dress up in beach attire.
  • Black Tie– Just because it’s a BBQ does not mean that you and your guests should not be dressing up for the occasion. Get red carpet ready for an unforgettable summer night with the best BBQ dishes.

Pick Out The Best Summer Cookout Recipes

Recipes might crowd please, or some won’t try your more interesting dishes. Make sure to have something for everyone, from the pickiest to the most adventurous. Keep it interesting or if you prefer to keep it simple.  But either way we’ve got you covered, our recipes will crown you the BBQ King (or Queen) so click for easy and loved barbecue recipes.

Pick out a variety of recipes and note down any dietary requirements.

Some of the tastiest BBQ events will have meat-free options that leave guests wanting more.

 There’s More Than One Side

As much as the BBQ is about the meat, no BBQ is complete without the sides. The sides balance the meal, complementing the main dish without overpowering the meat. Sides can act as palate refreshers and can add nutritional value to the meal.

Sides add colour to a meal, adding visual appeal. Equally, it is important to have flavourful dishes.

Sides do not have to be plain, they can be seasoned, they can be sliced, diced, or even iced. Sides can be made at the BBQ or bought from a supermarket.

Make sure to have varied sides that fit several dietary requirements.

Tip: You might want to focus all your time on manning the grill so you can have the other guests provide the side dishes.

Stuck on ideas for sides?  Click here for sides that sparkle.

Want Cake?

Desserts are almost as important as the main meal. After feasting on burgers and sausages, there’s no better experience than having a spoonful of dessert.

Summer is all about celebrating the good times and weather, so make sure you have ice cream, cake, popsicles, whatever you like dessert-wise at your BBQ.

Variety is key!

What you want is to bite into a treat that is refreshing yet not too filling.

You can buy or bake and make.

You can grill it!

Grilling desserts might be a foreign concept to you but believe us when we say your taste buds will sing your praises.

Here is a tasty chocolate and cherry skillet brownie dessert to try.

Drink Up

If you were to imagine the perfect BBQ experience, you wouldn’t be thirsty- you would have boxes of fizzy drinks, water, alcohol, juice and iced drinks. You would be making sure to have your drinks stored in a cooler. What’s not hot this summer is having your drinks get warm or worse not having enough!

Stay cool and hydrated by stocking up on drinks that will continue to refresh your palate as you eat through your barbecue.

Summer Games

People come for the food but stay for the entertainment.

Games keep your guests occupied as they wait for their food. A BBQ is a social activity and so games bring people together. They also provide entertainment and serve as icebreakers, ensuring everyone feels included and engaged in the event. Additionally, games add a competitive element, leading to bonding and memory-making.

They can be inclusive of all ages or adult-only.

But you might be wondering what games win every time?

Games to bring to your cookout:

  • Volleyball
  • Uno
  • Card games
  • Charades
  • Limbo
  • Tug of war
  • Jenga
  • Sports day games

What games are you bringing to your BBQ?

Other Entertainment

For an unforgettable summer cookout, you will need more than food and games. You will need entertainment that separates the weak from the strong. Entertainment has people leaving their phones and bubbles.

You’re in luck- we know exactly what will amp up your party.

  • Karaoke– all you need is a mic and a karaoke app. Take it in turns to sing your favourite songs and have judges score from best to worst.
  • Baking competitions – have your guests arrive with a baked treat, taste the creations and score them. Pick a winner by the end of the party.
  • Man vs Food– this is the competition for the foodies. Who can eat the most marshmallows in a minute? Who can stuff the most cupcakes in their mouths in five minutes? Crown the ultimate eater by the end of the BBQ.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog has inspired you to plan for the best summer BBQ to date. We have a range of specific covers to keep your treasured outdoor cooker safe such as the cover for the Onyx, Excel and Omega gas and charcoal barbecue.

These BBQ covers will protect your BBQ from the weather as they are waterproof and coated with PVC.

If you do host a summer BBQ, tag us using @outbackbbqs on Instagram, we’d love to see your BBQing skills in action.

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