Sides that Sparkle

You can quickly level-up your winter BBQ into a bit more of an adventure by choosing side dishes that complement the winter ambiance:

Roasted Root Vegetables

Share the earthy goodness of roasted root vegetables. Think carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes drizzled with olive oil and perfectly seasoned. The lower temperatures enhance their natural sweetness, making them a stunning side to that grilled main course.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Take a simple classic and give it a winter twist. Creamy garlic mashed potatoes add quick warmth to your plate, creating a comforting contrast to the smoky flavours from the grill. Add generous dollops of butter for a bit of extra indulgence.

Grilled Winter Greens

Why keep salads for summer? Hearty greens like kale and brussels sprouts make for a winter-friendly salad. Grill them to add a smoky essence and add depth to their natural flavours. Toss them in vinaigrette to create a refreshing side that’s as good as the main course.

Warm Up with Winter Drinks

And don’t forget about drinks. Keep the winter chill at bay by pairing your BBQ with some warming wine or hot chocolate.

Spiced Mulled Wine

Infuse your gatherings with a touch of warmth by serving spiced mulled wine. Red wine simmered with cloves, cinnamon, and citrus creates a fragrant concoction that not only complements your grilled delights but also adds a cosy ambiance to your winter BBQ affair.

Hot Chocolate with a Kick

Upgrade your hot cocoa by adding a grown-up twist. Spike it with a splash of peppermint schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or even a hint of cinnamon whiskey. This indulgent treat will have everyone toasting to the joy of winter grilling.

Creating the Right Environment for Winter BBQ Joy

Set up a designated area around the grill where everyone can gather, share stories, and enjoy the atmosphere of your winter BBQ get together. Use blankets, cushions and even a few outdoor heaters to ensure everyone stays comfortable in the winter chill.

Create an inviting space, with a few extras:

  • Blanket and Cushion Corners – arrange cosy blankets and cushions near the grill, encouraging everyone to gather round. The soft textures add comfort and warmth, making it a perfect spot for guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Hot Drinks Station – set up a hot beverage station nearby, allowing guests to help themselves to steaming cups of cocoa, mulled wine, or any other winter drink of choice.
  • Outdoor Heaters for Extra Warmth – keep everyone toasty by placing outdoor heaters in key spots. These provide a comforting warmth that encourages guests to linger, making your winter BBQ a relaxed and enjoyable gathering.
  • Stargazing Setup – if the night sky is clear, enhance the experience by setting up an area for stargazing. If you have a telescope, great. It’s just as easy to lay out blankets on the ground, providing a space for your guests to marvel at the winter constellations (if there are no clouds). It adds a touch of magic to your outdoor winter festivities.

Creating the Ambiance

A well-placed fire pit extends the warmth beyond the grill. Its flames not only provide additional heat but also cast a mesmerising glow, creating a special winter feel for your winter BBQ. Make the fire pit as the heart of your outdoor gathering.

Build a Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Arrange seating in a circular fashion around the fire pit, promoting face-to-face interaction. Adorn the chairs with plush cushions and blankets, encouraging guests to relax while enjoying the heat. It also creates a sense of intimacy and togetherness, creating the ideal space for conversation.

Add Lights for Decorative Touches

Consider placing lanterns, string lights, or even seasonal decor nearby. These not only amplify the overall aesthetic but also add a touch of charm to your winter BBQ setting, whatever the time of year.

A fire pit adds a bit of warming light too. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a fire pit is a practical heat source, too, helping the immediate surroundings stay comfortably warm. Prioritise safety by keeping flames away from any overhanging branches or structures. By crafting a cosy space, you transform your winter BBQ from a simple meal into a delightful social event.

Build Your Winter BBQ Tradition

Creating a tradition adds a sense of anticipation and excitement to the event. So even if it’s only a once yearly winter feast with friends, turn your winter BBQing into a tradition.

Snap photos, share the images with your social circle, spreading the warmth and inspiring others to embrace the unique thrill of a winter BBQ.

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