Taste for a barbecue leads to an outback sell-out

Summer sun may have been in short supply, but the UK’s leading barbecue supplier has put up a ‘sold out’ sign on most of its 2016 range – and is already looking forward to next year.

“Orders placed by our on-line, in-store and garden centre trade customers ensured we reached this year’s sales targets, and while a Brexit timetable remains unclear we know the British taste for a barbecue will continue to increase. “For example, the Garden Centre Association reported a 35% rise in May furniture and barbecue sales compared to 2015, demonstrating how much we enjoy an al freso meal in the great outdoors”, said Mark Osborne, chief executive of Outback UK.

Meeting consumer interest in two areas – a demand for the latest high-tech developments at the top end of the range, and in particular for barbecues in stainless steel – helped Outback retain its top spot in the UK gas barbecue market. “Research had told us these were among top consumer preferences, leading to the 2016 launch of our new Signature barbecue, which sold out to the trade within a couple of months.

“After a successful Solex show in July, when we introduced our 2017 range to a good selection of buyers from all sections of the leisure market, we are now concentrating on discussing forward orders with our trade customers.

“The numbers of stay-at-home holidays is expected to continue to increase, with predicted benefits for suppliers to a growing UK leisure market”, he said.

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