The Ultimate Barbecue? Learn More About Our Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid

Are you currently creating a masterpiece of a garden chill space and looking for the final piece of the puzzle? If you are looking for a barbecue, the Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid is an excellent choice that is packed with features. We’re going to turn the spotlight on what the Jupiter has to offer and why it’s a must have for your garden.

Dashing Colour

The Jupiter Hybrid we have featured has a striking red and stainless-steel body that will look fantastic standing out amongst the grass of your garden or the paving in your backyard. We also have the Jupiter 4 model in a deep dark blue or racing green, if those colours are more to your liking.

Cook More, Prepare More

There’s a lot packed into the machine, with four stainless steel burners and a double skin hood. The Jupiter also has a side burner and a side table with a removable chopping board, making it easier to make food all in one place without additional tables. You can also keep food at optimum temperature using the warming rack.

Packed With Features

It’s not just a generous amount of burners and a side table that the Jupiter offers, a few thoughtful features make life easier, such as the built-in tool rack. Everything you need will be right in front of you as you can hang up all the tools at your disposal, from your tongs to your spatula.

The tools in our premium three piece set all include a handy hanging hook for maximum compatibility with the Jupiter barbecue. In fact, thanks to the magnetic bottle opener feature, you won’t need to spend any time searching for a tool to open your drinks, instead you can easily stay hydrated (or beer’d up) whilst you cook.

The base of the barbecue also functions as a cabinet for storage, and in a new addition for 2022, a shelf is included for you to add and get extra storage space.

More Foods With The Multi Cooking Surface

The barbecue features an integrated multi-cooking surface system. This means that the porcelain coated cast iron grill is interchangeable and can be switched between a variety of Outback multi cooking surfaces, allowing you to make a wider range of foods on your barbecue.

Some of the accessories you can use on our multi cooking surface include:

Thanks to the multi cooking surface and its accessories, you can create foods you never thought possible on a barbecue and make the most of your purchase, barbecues no longer have to be an occasional or seasonal thing. 

Make your barbecues more culturally rich, a quick stir fry with a wok, why not? A home-made garden pizza party without having to purchase a pizza oven? It’s now possible, so take a look at some of our recipe ideas to see what you could be making.

Hybrid Function

The hybrid function of the barbecue includes a charcoal basket, allowing you to easily add an authentic charcoal flavour to the foods you cook. 

To add a charcoal flavouring to your food, try using our Coconut Shell Briquettes, compatible with all of our hybrid gas barbecues and made from recycled coconut shells. It takes just 15 minutes to ignite and lasts up to 4 hours of cooking time.

The barbecue’s main source of fuel will be from a gas bottle, a hose and propane regulator is included.

Putting it Together

To assemble all you’ll need is a medium sized flat head Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable spanner or metric set. All the parts are listed in the manual so you can make sure you have everything, and it should take about an hour to build. 

You may need a second person for certain parts of the job, such as carefully lifting the barbecue body onto the top of the base; it is a solid piece after all. 

Watch the video to see how the assembly is done.

How Big Is It?

Will it fit in your garden? With the variety of features this hulking beast packs, you might wonder if you have the space for it. The machine is incredibly condensed for what it has inside it, measuring dimensions of 1400 x 610 x 1220 mm. That gives you a 4.5 foot (or 1.3 meter) length, a 2 foot/0.61 meter width and a 3.9 foot or 1.2 meter height. 

The cooking area itself measures at a 640mm length with a width of 420mm, giving you plenty of space to cook batches of food. 

It’s Sturdy, But Can be Moved

You can see how the Jupiter is assembled in the video included on this page, but once it has been built, it will weigh a total of 67KG or 10.5 stone. This will mean you can rest assured it’s a sturdy piece and there’s no danger of it falling over, as it’ll withstand any windy days. 

Don’t let the weight worry you. The barbecue also features 4 lockable castor wheels, so you can move the barbecue around with ease and keep it steady when needed. 

Keeping the Jupiter Safe

The stainless steel body and burners will keep it safe outside in all conditions, but you can make sure it stays in pristine condition with our dedicated barbecue cover for the Jupiter model. 

The heavy-duty cover is waterproof with a PVC coating and will give you added protection against rain, snow and scorching sun. The cover also has Velcro straps, so you can easily keep it secured tightly in place over the barbecue.

For safety, sand is provided to pour into the drip tray for maintenance and in order to prevent fat fires.

A Kitchen in Your Garden

If you’re looking for a machine that does a bit of everything, the Jupiter 4 will exceed your expectations. Once you’ve got one, prepare to be constantly nominated as the barbecue host.

Create The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience

With all Outback barbecues, quality is built in. Choose from exceptional charcoal barbecues and stunning firepits or create the ultimate dining experience with a 4 burner or 6 burner barbecue, in eye-catching stainless steel. With Outback it’s so easy to enjoy the outdoors season after season.

With premium barbecues and stunning, summer-and-beyond firepits, Outback has a range that includes some of the world’s most trusted products for the best in outdoor living.

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