Creating an Outdoor Living Room Around a Fire Pit

In this blog we’re going to give you some tips on how to turn your garden into the perfect relaxing hangout space by implementing a fire pit in the centre of it. Follow these tips and give all your friends garden envy.

Imagine, it’s coming into the last few months of the year and you’re sitting outside with your friends or family, talking, and laughing.

But as the sun drops in the sky and the temperature drops it brings the fun to a halt and all anyone can talk about is “how chilly it’s getting out here”. You’d all like to stay outside a little longer but the chill in the air forces you all indoors so you can stay warm.

But when the cold weather and winter blues roll in, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay locked up inside your house until Spring comes back around.

Carry on reading to find out how to make the most of your garden during the winter months and extend your outdoor summer evenings into the autumn and winter seasons.

Make Your Garden Perfect for Company

A good idea that you could implement for your garden would be turning it into your very own outdoor living room. Any change can feel transformative, but you want it to feel like an extension of your actual home that you can use all year round, not just in the winter months.

Here’s a few ideas for you to have a go at to make your garden the go-to place for your friends and family when summer has passed.


Warm Things Up 

When you’re setting up your outdoor living room, the best thing to do is make a fire pit your focal point. Not only will it be useful in the centre of everything because it will keep you and your guests warm enough, but it provides an interesting view and it’s sure to spark some conversation.

Outback gives you a couple of different options for your firepit so you can choose which fits your personal style, the vibe you want to go for and other outdoor furniture. The Infinity Gas Fire Pit provides an organic looking design, using a decorative mix of cement and sand (Stucco) material it’ll blend right into an outdoor setting surrounded by other stones and natural materials.

While the Sherwood Gas Fire Pit provides a clean, stylish design, this traditional looking fire pit will stand out a little more in your garden. The base is made of sleek black aluminium and features an internal gas bottle storage area. While the top features a glass windshield around the fire pit and a wooden tabletop around the outside made of teak (which is durable and water resistant) for you to rest your food and drinks on. This piece also doubles as a regular coffee table when you’re not using the fire pit, simply remove the glass windshield and place the stainless-steel cover over the fire pit. Perfect for all year-round use.

Need a Little Extra Warmth?

Got plenty of seating in around your fire pit but the warmth doesn’t quite reach the edge of your seating? A flame tower heater could be perfect for an additional source of heat. Place one of these at either end of your seating area and you and all of your guests will be toasty in no time. These striking stainless-steel towers will light up your garden and are sure to be a talking point at any event you hold.

Cook Up a Storm

Why not make your gatherings better with food? A BBQ would be a perfect companion to your fire pit. You can use your BBQ all year round, even in the colder months. Whether it be a charcoal, gas or hybrid BBQ, we have you covered.

As long as it’s not pouring down with rain or snow, there’s no reason not to make use of your BBQ in the autumn and winter. Make some winter friendly recipes that will cook faster on your BBQ. Include food like vegetables, seafood and chicken that will still cook fast even when the temperature is low. Don’t let the dark evenings stop you either, when the sun sets early you can still keep your BBQ well-lit by using the Outback BBQ LED Light.

Furniture That Can Survive the Weather 

If you want to sit around your new fire pit and enjoy your space after summer has passed, then make sure your garden furniture is weather resistant enough to withstand any wind, rain or snow that comes along.

You can layer up your furniture with soft furnishings like blankets and cushions to make sitting on them for long periods of time more comfortable. Just remember to bring them inside if they’re not also weatherproof.

Add a Hot Tub 

Hot tubs are popular all year round and for good reason, they’re warm, relaxing, and perfect after a long day. Imagine sitting back and enjoying the dancing flames and soft crackle of your fire pit. They’re also great for when you have guests over, as someone will always gravitate towards having a soak.


Add Some Greenery

Some plants could bring some much-needed colour to your outdoor living room. Grow some seasonal flowers so there’s always something new blooming and make a habit of keeping your garden looking great so you’re spending more time outdoors. Then when you’re done with your gardening chores, you can relax in your outdoor space.

Light Up Your Garden

If the embracing glow of a live flame isn’t enough for you, some lighting in your garden is the way to go. If you have a garden terrace or pergola, then some waterproof string lights would be a perfect way to bring some magical atmosphere to your outdoor space. While some solar powered stake lights are a good alternative if you didn’t want any wiring.

Utilise A Covering to Keep Things Cosier

Using a parasol or large outdoor umbrella would act as a simple but great way to not only block out direct sunlight or rain but keep a little warmth in during the colder months by acting as a little ceiling to your outdoor living room.


Decorate For the Occasion

If it’s a holiday like Halloween or Christmas and you’re hosting a party, why not hang up some festive lights and decorations to make use of both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Have some activity stations around your fire pit so your guests can make their way round and enjoy all the space you have to offer.

If you have a tree in your garden, then you could put some weatherproof decorations and lights on it to have your very own outdoor Christmas tree.

Include Some Fun Activities 

To make the most of your garden space, you can bring some of your favourite things to your outdoor living room.

An outdoor tv would be the ideal thing to have if you have your friends and family over. Watching a film in your garden could be the perfect way to spend an evening with your loved ones. Could use your fire pit to toast marshmallows, too.

Following some of these steps should turn your garden into the perfect place for you to spend time all year round. Your garden is an extension to your home, so give it the love and care that you give your home, and you’ll find yourself in love with your outdoor space in no time.

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