Cold Outside? How To BBQ In the Chilly Weather

Jumper weather is in full swing now that autumn has arrived, which means outdoor parties are a no-go. But a drop in temperature doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pack your BBQ away until next summer.

As long as you follow safety measures, and the weather isn’t forecasted for torrential rain or snow, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of your Outback BBQ this autumn/winter.

So whether you have friends over, or you want to enjoy the taste of charcoal all year round, your grill can stay put with these outdoor BBQ tips

Read on to find out how to make the most of your gas, charcoal or hybrid BBQ in the colder months.

Prepare Your BBQ For the Cold

A good quality Outback BBQ can be utilized all year round, not just when it’s hot outside. We understand that you want to make the most out of your BBQ, and you can do so by prepping it for the cold weather.

Do the Checks

Before the cold weather well and truly hits, you should give your BBQ the necessary checks so it doesn’t stop in its tracks once you’ve braved the outdoors.

Follow these steps to make sure your BBQ is prepared for the cold:

  • Check for any leaks
  • Give your burner tubes a brush
  • Clean any excess fat and leftover foods
  • Check there aren’t any holes or cracks in your hoses
  • Make sure the lid isn’t frozen shut. If it has, place it into a garage to defrost
  • Has it snowed? Don’t let it accumulate around your BBQ

Use Ingredients That Cook Quickly

When it’s cold outside, you want to spend as little time as possible in the chilly weather. So when you’re cooking on your BBQ outside when it’s cold, it’s key to choose ingredients that don’t take ages to cook.

Your BBQ will also struggle to maintain as much heat in the cold than it would in the warmth, so food can take longer to cook.

With this in mind, steak, chicken wings and ribs may have to be missed, but foods like seafood, vegetables and lamb are ideal.

Or… Buy a Griddle Plate

Can’t wait until the summer to BBQ some steak? We get it. And we have a way around it, use a hot plate!

These griddle pans heat up pretty fast, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck out in the cold for too long. They also make it easier for cooking meat consistently throughout, so you don’t need to worry about parts being under or overcooked.

Buy Outback’s Griddle Plate for multi-surface cooking and quick results

Have a Grill-Safe Coat Nearby

When cooking outdoors, keeping yourself warm is a must. However, when cooking with charcoal and a breeze, you may get slightly smokey and messy. If possible, use a specific coat that you won’t mind getting dirty.

Gloves are also a must for staying warm and keeping your hands protected against the heat.

More Charcoal Please

Since it’s more difficult to keep a BBQ hot when it’s chilly outside, you’ll need more charcoal than you’re used too to keep things lit.

It can also be difficult to track down charcoal in the winter, so try to stock up when you can if you plan on BBQing through the cold months.

Got a gas BBQ? You’ll need to preheat it longer than normal to get the grates hot enough.

Cold-Friendly Food

Keep timings down by choosing recipes and food that won’t require much supervision. You could make something like paella in a cast-iron pan, a tasty dish that you don’t need to do much for.

Other foods that are quick at grilling include turkey and an array of vegetables. Why not chop things up finely to reduce cooking time further?

Comfort foods are another go-to when the weather takes a turn, so dishes like casseroles, stews and lasagne are perfect. You can do all the prep inside and just use your BBQ to do the rest (while adding a lovely smokey flavour).

And you won’t need to worry about standing out in the cold turning the food and making sure it’s cooked, as the BBQ can do the exact same job as your oven.

Invest in Outdoor Heating

A BBQ and outdoor heater may not seem like a usual pairing, but in the winter the extra warmth will be nicely welcomed.

Not only will outdoor heating help when using your BBQ, but it also allows you to spend more time outside in your garden.

Shop all outdoor living with Outback and choose from our Signature Flame Tower or our stylish fire pits to make outdoor cooking more enjoyable (and bearable).

Light Up Your Life (and BBQ)

We know how it can get dark a lot earlier in the autumn/winter, but we don’t want that to stop you! Our Outback BBQ Handle LED Light is perfect for BBQ cooking when the sun sets and is easy to attach to most BBQ handles. It has 10 bright LED bulbs, two adjustable angle lamp heads and a touch sensitive on/off button. Get night-time cooking today!

Stay Safe

Fires can cause extreme property damage when caused by grilling, so it’s important to keep safe, even in the winter. No matter how cold it is, you should always avoid bringing your BBQ inside your garage, shed or property. If you don’t think you can stay outside for long enough, avoid using the BBQ and cook inside instead.

Not only can fires occur, but BBQs also produce carbon monoxide which can be very dangerous.

Keep the Good Times Grilling

No matter the time of year, if you fancy a BBQ you’re now prepped to get one going.

Giving it a go? Show us what you’ve cooked on your Outback barbecue and post your pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us (outbackbbqs) and we’ll repost our favourites!

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