How to cook a Roast Turkey Christmas Dinner on your Outback BBQ

25 November, 2019

How to cook a Roast Turkey Christmas Dinner on your Outback BBQ

Roast Turkey on a BBQ


Minimum 8 (4-6kg)

20 minutes

Cooking time:
40-45 minutes per kg


1 Whole turkey, remove any giblets
4 carrots, cut in half
1 large onion, cut in half
1 bulb of garlic
2 oranges, cut in half
2 apples, cut in half
1 lemon, cut in half
35g unsalted butter, cut into cubes
A bunch of thyme
A sprinkle of sea salt


1. Allow your turkey to reach room temperature and always refer to the pack instructions before cooking.

2. Remove the warming rack from your Outback® barbecue to allow enough space for the roasting tray.

3. Turn your outer burners on to maximum, and close the lid. Allow the temperature to rise to 200°C.

4. Lay the prepared vegetables over the bottom of a large roasting tray, then pour in enough water to fill approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the tray. This is to protect the bird from any direct heat… it also helps to make a delicious gravy.

5. Make sure you know the weight of your bird – the turkey will need to cook for 40-45 mins per kg. Oil and season your turkey as desired, we kept it simple and used thyme and sea salt. Place your turkey on the Outback® roasting rack over your vegetables.

6. Place the tray in the centre of your barbecue and close the lid to retain the heat. Allow the temperature to drop to 180°C by reducing the burners if needs be. If it is particularly cold outside, you can light the other burners on low, to keep the roasting temperature at 180°C. Ideally control the heat with just the outer burners.

7. Midway through the cook time, open the lid and baste your turkey well with some melted butter. Top up the water at this stage if needed. Close the lid.

8. When the cook time is up, insert your Outback® meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat (be careful not to touch any bone), it needs to reach 78°C.

9. Cover your cooked turkey with a double layer of foil for 30 minutes to let the meat relax, it will stay warm whilst you finish off your other sides and gravy. Relax and enjoy.

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