Is Your Barbecuing Warm Weather Ready?

With warmer weather, hopefully, on the way, you’re probably planning all those get-togethers and food-filled afternoons outdoors.

But before you start moving the BBQ from storage to being pride of place in your garden, there are a few things you should do to prepare. And spring is the perfect time to get started.

Whether you have a charcoal or gas BBQ, or hybrid, to get the best results you should give it a maintenance check, so it’s prepped and ready to go when the weather starts to warm up. And in the UK, that can happen fairly quickly.

Start With a BBQ MOT

To start with, do a visual once-over of your cooker and check for any obvious problems. Sometimes after storage periods you can get grease that’s been missed, and rust build up.  Check for any pests that have made themselves comfy in your BBQ, while you’ve been away.

If you have a gas barbecue, check the regulator hose or gas line. It’s a great hiding spot for pests and insects. If it’s been in storage for a long time, make sure your BBQ is completely clean, working from the inside out, cleaning all removable parts individually, including the flame tamers, burner tubes and pans. Be sure to put them back properly before firing it up.

In any case it’s worth giving your BBQ some TLC after every use, especially if you have a gas or hybrid barbecue.

Once all the parts are clean, you can then wipe down the rest of the interior and then the exterior. A bit of soap and water is enough to give it a good clean. And don’t forget to take the time to dry everything to avoid it rusting. Most people don’t take the time to clean the exterior of their gas BBQ, especially so with charcoal models.

Tip: Before putting it away for the winter some people fire up their barbecue to burn off the excess food residue. 20 minutes on a high setting should make it much easier to clean before it goes away.

To Cover (Or Not To Cover)

If you’re keeping your barbecue outdoors over the summer months or buying a new model the use of BBQ covers becomes an issue that divides grill owners.

Should you or should you not cover your grill?

Naturally, you’ll want to keep it looking its best for as long as you have it, especially if it’s a new purchase.

A cover means your BBQ won’t be facing the elements without a little help. But there are arguments for not covering your grill too.

Quality BBQs should be able to stand up to the elements enough for you not to worry if it’s left outside for a small amount of time. So, don’t panic if a storm takes you by surprise. Your grill can handle a little rain.

Although our barbecues are built to stand up to these harsh elements, doing what you can to protect it and keep it in pristine condition will give you peace of mind.

But over time moisture can become trapped under covers, which contributes to the decay. And any BBQ, if left unattended and outdoors for a long period of time, will suffer. The salt air in coastal regions can damage your property as far as 50 miles inland. That includes your barbecue.

Tip: Outback barbecue covers are a strong waterproof barrier which protect your barbecue from the elements, such as sun and rain. We recommended you occasionally take off the cover and let your barbecue “breathe”. Make sure that your barbecue is dry before placing the cover back on. Cleaning off food residue also prevents mould from growing.

Upgrades and Replacements

Perhaps you need a new burner or spotted cookware that needs replacing or upgrading. Definitely check for these before the big barbecue day.

You can really enhance your experience and results with additional BBQ accessories, such as a smoker box or multi-cooking surface plates. Adding these to your collection will make for even better dishes, which will taste great and impress your guests too.

Investing in decent BBQ accessories can help with getting that authentic BBQ flavour you want, as well as speed up the cleaning process.

If You’re Buying a BBQ For The First Time

It’s an ongoing debate.

Barbecues pose a question that many BBQ lovers won’t ever agree on. So, which is better – gas or charcoal?

You’ll find enthusiasts on both sides. There are differences to each.

So, if you’re in the market for a new grill, let’s look further.

Gas BBQs

Convenience is built in. If you like temperature control that’s accurate alongside quick and hassle-free ignition, gas is the natural choice. Gas barbecues also offer minimal cleanup and maintenance after the show. A top quality gas grill is like having a kitchen in the garden.

Cooking different foods, at different temperatures at the same time is a cinch.

Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal is famed for delivering that authentic smoky flavour. The smoke gets into the food, giving it that proper barbecued taste. What’s more charcoal enthusiasts say that the real part of cooking outdoors involves the flame of charcoal (or wood). It’s simply not barbecuing without the ritual of charcoal grilling.

Charcoal barbecues are great for searing foods. But achieving different temperature zones and using methods such as indirect cooking might take some practise.

Where gas is fast – literally the click of a button, charcoal is a more leisurely, even authentic, grilling process.

But it’s never about the right way or wrong way. It’s very much a personal preference.

Hang On – There’s Always Hybrid Too

If the pros of each barbecue type sound good to you, then the good news is you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can always consider investing in a hybrid barbecue model.

Hybrids blend the best of both worlds, heating charcoal briquettes using gas when you want that distinctive taste of a charcoal barbecue with the control of our gas grills, our hybrid barbecues seamlessly blend these needs. Outback hybrid barbecues really hit the mark with versatility and functionality to give you the most well-rounded cooking experience.

Final Thoughts

Looking after your grill and all that comes with it is just part of the overall ongoing grill experience.

So, whether it’s a gas BBQ’s convenience or a charcoal BBQ’s traditional taste, or a blend of both, a bit of attention each time you grill definitely gives you the best experience.

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