BBQ Accessories Checklist – Got All These Ready?

It’s that time again. Summer is here, and sunshine and BBQ season is with it! It’s prime season for meat and vegetables, all sizzling on a grill and smelling amazing… you can even invite some friends and family over… if you want!

But before the al fresco feasts begin and you send out any invites, it is essential to make sure you have all the necessary accessories, tools, etc., to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable grilling experience.

So to help you do just that, here’s a checklist that’ll guarantee you’ll have everything prepared for the best BBQ season yet.

Protection – BBQ Covers and Vented Covers

One of the first accessories you should invest in is a high-quality BBQ cover. Make sure to purchase one that fits your specific model securely. You can easily do this with a model that has Velcro straps.

Why are covers so important? Well, they’ll keep your prized machine safe from all elements, rain or shine. Whilst high-quality stainless-steel barbecues come with resistance, you’ll want to keep it that way, so a cover keeps things perfect. Both harsh cold, water, and harsh sunlight, can risk damage. Plus, it’ll keep pests like bugs, birds and rodents from picking at any leftovers or leaving any marks or muck over the barbecue. Not nice.

A cover also helps as part of maintenance (more on that below), usually you’ll need to be careful about covering up a barbecue straight after cleaning it. Sealing it too soon could cause moisture buildup that can then lead to rust and mould.

To make life easier, you could look for a cover with vents. Vented covers allow air to circulate, which negates condensation and the rust and mould problems mentioned above.

A good cover will extend the life of your grill and keep it looking new. A worthy investment for any grill enthusiast.

Got an Outback model barbecue? We have covers to fit specific machines, such as this carry bag for the Trekker portable barbecue.

Our new vented covers fit multiple different models. This BBQ cover, for example will fit 3 burner Outback barbecues such as our Ranger, Magnum, Hunter, and Spectrum barbecues.

Visit this page to see all Outback covers.

Our covers include features such as:

  • Heavy duty canvas
  • Waterproof
  • PVC coating
  • Double lined stitching
  • Easily cleaned
  • Includes Velcro straps for tightening and securing

Tools For Maintaining Your Barbecue

Keeping your grill in top condition requires regular maintenance before and after use. Here are some essential tools to have on hand:

  • Grill Brush: A sturdy grill brush with brass or stainless steel bristles is crucial for cleaning the grates before and after cooking. This helps prevent food from sticking and ensures even heat distribution.
  • Scraper: A metal scraper can help remove stubborn residue from the grill grates and other surfaces.
  • Oil Sprayer or Basting Brush: Keeping your grates well-oiled can prevent rust and make cooking easier. Use an oil sprayer or a basting brush to apply a thin layer of oil before grilling. A basting brush can also be used to apply marinades and sauces evenly across your food.
  • Drip Pan Liners: Disposable drip pan liners make cleanup a breeze by catching grease and food particles, preventing them from clogging your grill. These foil trays can do the trick, and have a few other uses to boot.
  • Spare Parts: We also stock a vast range of spare parts, so don’t throw the whole machine out just because a nobs gone missing (unless you want to upgrade to a new BBQ of course).

Safety Tools

Safety should always be a top priority when grilling. Here are some tools to keep you safe while you cook:

  • Apron: A good apron protects your clothes from grease splatters and spills. Look for one with pockets to keep your utensils and tools within easy reach.
  • Heat-Resistant Gloves: Protect your hands from burns with a pair of heat-resistant gloves. These are essential when handling hot grill grates, charcoal, or pots and pans.
  • LED Grill Light: Grilling in the evening or at night? An LED grill light attaches to your grill and provides ample illumination, ensuring you can see what you’re cooking and avoid accidents.

Side note: Are you looking for a new machine altogether? You may want to consider gas or a hybrid if you’re not as seasoned at barbecuing as you want to be. Gas is generally considered safer as you’ll have better control of the temperature, and as an added bonus there’s less smoke. With a hybrid model, you’ll have the ease of gas but still be able to enjoy the flavour that charcoal gives.

Cooking Tools

Having the right cooking tools can make all the difference in your grilling experience. Here’s a list of must-have utensils:

  • Tongs: Long-handled tongs are essential for flipping and moving food without piercing it, which helps retain juices and flavour.
  • Spatula: A sturdy spatula is perfect for flipping burgers, fish, and other delicate items.
  • Meat Thermometer: Ensure your meat is cooked to perfection with a reliable meat thermometer. This tool helps you avoid overcooking or undercooking, ensuring safe and delicious results.

Want to Cook a Wider Variety of Foods? Use These

Many of our barbecue models have Multi Cooking Surface capability, allowing you to use add-ons to cook things like pizza. So expand your grilling repertoire with these versatile tools and accessories. More food? Yes please!

  • Grill Basket: Perfect for grilling vegetables, seafood, and smaller items that might otherwise fall through the grates. A grill basket keeps everything contained while still allowing smoky flavour to infuse with your food.
  • Wok: A BBQ wok is ideal for stir-frying vegetables, shrimp, or noodles right on the grill. It’s a great way to add some variety to your barbecue menu.
  • Multi-Surface Grill Plates: These plates can be swapped out to provide different cooking surfaces, such as a pizza stone, steak grill or griddle plate.
  • Rotisserie Kit: If your grill is compatible, a rotisserie kit allows you to cook whole chickens, roasts, and even kebabs evenly by rotating them slowly over the heat.

Fuel and Fire Starters

Don’t forget the essentials for actually getting your grill going:

  • Charcoal or Propane: Depending on your grill type, make sure you have enough charcoal or propane on hand for your gathering, you don’t want to run out halfway. Rookie mistake.
  • Charcoal Starter: For charcoal grills, a chimney starter is an efficient way to light your coals without the need for lighter fluid, which can impart unwanted flavours to your food.
  • Lighter Cubes or Fire Starters: These make lighting your charcoal quick and easy, even in windy conditions.

Extras for Convenience and Fun

Enhance your grilling experience with these additional items:

  • BBQ Tool Set: A BBQ tool set includes all the basic utensils like tongs, spatula, and a basting brush.
  • Marinade Injector: For infusing meats with flavour from the inside out, a marinade injector is an excellent tool.
  • Grill Mats: Non-stick grill mats can be placed on top of the grates, making it easier to cook delicate items like fish or small vegetables without them sticking or falling through.
  • Thermal Blanket: If you’re into low-and-slow smoking, a thermal blanket for your grill can help maintain consistent temperatures, especially in cooler weather.

Now You’re Cooking

By ensuring you have a checklist of these BBQ accessories all signed off, you’ll be well-equipped for planned or spontaneous cooking. Whether you’re a barbecue pro or a novice, having the right tools can make your BBQ experience safer, more enjoyable, and ultimately more delicious. So, gather your gear, invite your friends and family, and get ready to enjoy some incredible outdoor cooking this summer. Browse our entire range of accessories here.

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