Cover – 2 Burner Hooded Trooper/Spectrum/Orion

Cover – 2 Burner Hooded Trooper/Spectrum/Orion
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Protect your Outback barbecue against all weather conditions — rain, snow and/or scorching sun with this durable barbecue cover. The Outback barbecue cover is made with heavy duty, waterproof canvas and is coated with PVC. The cover design also includes velcro straps to tighten the cover and keep it securely placed over your barbecue. This cover fits Outback Hooded Trooper, Spectrum 2 Burner Gas models and Orion Charcoal model.

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• Heavy duty canvas
• Waterproof
• PVC coating
• Double lined stitching
• Easily cleaned
• Includes velcro straps for tightening and securing
• Fits Outback Hooded Trooper, Spectrum 2 Burner Gas models and Orion Charcoal model

IMPORTANT TIP: The Outback barbecue cover is a strong waterproof barrier which protects your barbecue from the elements outside, such as sun and rain. However, moisture from the air can also be trapped underneath the cover, which can cause condensation on your barbecue and can cause rusting. It is recommended to occasionally take off the cover and let your barbecue “breathe”. Please make sure that your barbecue is dry before placing the cover back on. Cleaning off food residue also prevents mould from growing.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 1270 × 600 × 1220 mm
Model Name

2Burner – Trooper/Spectrum/Orion

Gas Barbecue Model

Spectrum 2 Burner Gas, Trooper Hooded 2 Burner Gas

Charcoal Barbecue Model

Orion Charcoal


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