Since its formation as a family business in 1979, the Outback brand has stood for quality, innovation and total customer commitment, providing a comprehensive range of cutting edge British-designed barbecues, spare parts and accessories that leads the way in quality and value.

Linked with the world class Chinese manufacturer TPA for the past 35 years, Outback is able to respond to the latest market trends and developments quickly and efficiently – simply click on to any of our comprehensive range of charcoal and gas barbecues to see how we stand out from the competition.

The Outback factory has been ISO9001 approved since 1995 and has been awarded safety certificates from testing authorities worldwide. We have built our reputation on taking your al fresco dining experience very seriously. From the initial concept and design stages, to choosing the most up-to-date and sustainable materials, right through to our shipping and handling systems, we pay particular attention to every last detail to make sure the product delivers you 100% satisfaction each and every time.



There’s no shortage of choice in today’s barbecue market, so what independent experts have to say about a brand will be a major factor in influencing the buying decision – and particularly when consumer budgets are tight.

So when the UK’s leading consumer watchdog and two national newspapers choose Outback barbecues as their top selections in successive surveys, it goes a long way in reaffirming our place as a premium choice among al fresco enthusiasts.

With more than 1.2 million subscribers, the consumer organisation Which? chose Outback barbecues as ‘Best Buys’ in 2011 – the Outback Spectrum 3 Burner Hooded Gas Barbecue, the Excel 300 Gas and the Omega 200 Charcoal Barbecue – while the Mail on Sunday singled out the Outback Gas Meteor as its only five-star buy, and awarded a four-star rating to the Omega 200 Charcoal.



In 2013 Outback once again took pride of place when Which? gave ‘Best Buy’ accolades to three of our barbecues from a total of 20 tested in their industry-wide gas and charcoal barbecue survey. The Outback Spectrum 3 Burner – and in particular the 2013 ‘Select’ version – and the Outback Omega 200 Charcoal model were again recommended to the Which? membership.

Finally, The Independent national newspaper chose the 2013 Outback Spectrum as number 1 from 10 barbecues tested in a pre-summer survey – giving the Outback range a timely boost before the start of the UK’s long sunshine bonanza last year.

Today Outback has no less than 23 different charcoal and gas barbecue models to help tempt the taste buds of outdoor diners, as well as a brand new range of cooking accessories and tools, and the latest selection of portable camping stoves and camping relaxer chairs.