Full Drum Charcoal OUT370543


  • Adjustable air vents for heat control
  • Choice of two full-size cooking areas
  • Handy tool rack
  • Metal base storage shelf
  • Two folding side tables
Assembled size: L: L: 1415mm W: W: 610mm H: H: 1130mm
Carton size: L: L: 900mm W: W: 490mm H: H: 490mm
Cooking area: L: 2 x 640mm x 420mm
Weight: 38
Dimensions: N/A

Designed to add a larger-party catering option to al fresco entertaining, the Outback Full Drum Charcoal can double the 640mm x 420mm cooking area by simply opening-up the barbecue’s hood. Cook on any or all of the four grills, and keep ingredients and plates on the two foldable timber metal-framed side tables or on a bottom metal storage space.

This product is available to buy from Garden Centres
and online retailers in the UK.