Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 20~30 minutes


1 Welsh Black 10oz ribeye steak
2 Corn on the cob
1 Coriander bunch
1 Red pepper (diced)
1 White onion (diced)
Rock salt
Olive oil


1. Bring the steak up to room temperature to stop it from seizing when cooking

2. Season the meat well with rock salt and lightly oil

Once the BBQ has reached 300+C, open the lid and place the steak carefully onto the grill

Oil and season the cobs and place them directly onto the bars

Cook your steak until desired temperature (52C for a perfect medium rare )

Once the steak is cooked and the corn is charred remove everything from the grill so the meat can rest

Remove the kernels from one corn cob and mix together with diced onion, diced red pepper, chopped coriander, and a good drizzle of olive oil

Halve the other corn cob and slather with a good knob of butter to eat the traditional way

Carve the steak and garnish with the salsa and fresh coriander

Matt Ramsdale

The Chef:
Matt grew up in Shropshire, on the Welsh border. He started his career in small country pubs before moving to restaurants and hotels. In the past 6 years he's trained under 2 Michelin star Michael Caines, 2 Hat Matt Moran in Sydney and has recently been appointed Head Chef at the Chester Grosvenors La Brasserie Restaurant, under 1 Michelin star Chef Simon Radley.