Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes


3 Thick pork sausages
3 Brioche hot dog buns
60g Mayonnaise
20g Dijon mustard
10g Honey
1 Red onion
1/4 Red cabbage
50ml Malt vinegar
20g Sugar
15g Salt


1. Mix together the mayo, mustard and honey and reserve to the side

2. For the pickled slaw: Slice the red cabbage and red onion as thin as possible, dress with the sugar, salt and vinegar, leave to macerate for 20 minutes

Cook the sausages on the BBQ until cooked through and nicely coloured

Butterfly the Brioche buns down the middle (can also choose to toast it faced down on the BBQ first before assembly)

Dress the buns with the mustard mayo, add a sausage and top with the pickled slaw

Matt Ramsdale

The Chef:
Matt grew up in Shropshire, on the Welsh border. He started his career in small country pubs before moving to restaurants and hotels. In the past 6 years he's trained under 2 Michelin star Michael Caines, 2 Hat Matt Moran in Sydney and has recently been appointed Head Chef at the Chester Grosvenors La Brasserie Restaurant, under 1 Michelin star Chef Simon Radley.