In recent years Outback customers have given a popular thumbs-up to the re-introduction of lava rock to add that touch of magic to our cooking range.

While flavour bars did the job, lava rock on Outback gas models acts in the same way as hot charcoal on the Which? award-winning Omega 200 barbecue, for example. Sitting directly above the burners in a gas barbecue, the lava rock is heated to super-hot temperatures to vapourize food fats, turning them into authentic smoke-packed flavour – so enjoyed by charcoal barbecue enthusiasts. The Outback range of hooded gas barbecues is a proven favourite among al fresco cooking enthusiasts, not least because its cutting edge technology ensures the barbecue’s heat circulates around a wide variety of dishes to provide a perfect finish to your chosen menu. With the hood down, the risk of a fat flare-up while cooking steaks, burgers or sausages is eliminated, while providing the perfect conditions for a tasty meat roast – and you can, of course, simply lift the hood to make full use of the grill, griddle, sear burner or warming rack, depending on your choice from the extensive Outback gas barbecue range. Another great benefit of either a charcoal or gas Outback hooded barbecue is that it allows you to demonstrate your culinary skills in a wide variety of ways – cooking directly over the burners, or indirectly with the hood down. The direct method is ideal for smaller cuts of meat or any fast-food dish, while to cook indirectly – on a 3-burner gas barbecue, for example – you light only the right and left hand side burners, placing a larger cut of meat for a larger meal in the centre of the barbecue for a slower cook on a lower heat. And remember there is an extensive range of genuine Outback accessories always available to put that finishing touch to your barbecue experience. Everything from a grill or basting brush; stainless steel tong, fork or spatula; kebab rack, skewer or thermometer; apron, mitts and gloves; a charcoal starter kit or a stainless steel wok, or a weather-proof barbecue cover – the Outback range of tools and accessories is designed, and updated, to meet your al fresco dining needs. Finally, to complete your full leisure choice, Outback has introduced its own brand of quality outdoor furniture. The Outdoor Living range includes a choice of eye-catching lightweight textiline and padded relaxers – allowing the host to take a break while creating a memorable barbecue meal, and the guests to relax while they enjoy the all-round al fresco experience.