The debate about whether a charcoal or gas-fired barbecue is the better choice will continue as long as al fresco entertaining remains a firm favourite among family and friends.

The respected consumer watchdog group Which? nominated the Outback Omega 200 Charcoal Barbecue and the Outback Spectrum Hooded Gas 3 Burner as 'Best Buys' in 2011 and 2013, having tested both in annual industry-wide surveys, saying that whatever you choose “is a matter of taste, budget and personal preference”. A barbecue that makes the choice an easy one for the multi-menu enthusiast is the Outback Combi Select Charcoal-Gas 4 Burner, which combines the best of both worlds. Choose to roast with either charcoal or gas, grill or griddle with one of the four gas burners or over charcoal, and with two warming racks, lava rock for that smokey flavour, two side tables and ample storage space – the Combi provides a garden cooking range that satisfys both sides of the barbecue debate. Charcoal enthusiasts maintain that their choice is the traditional way to barbecue, giving food that authentic smokey flavour, and that a charcoal barbecue is more cost-effective, easier to move around and store. Those in favour of gas barbecues claim charcoal can be slow to light and reach cooking temperature, that gas fires-up instantly when you want a quick start, the heat is more controllable, lava rock supplies the smokey flavour, and cleaning is less of a chore. At Outback, we have for many years taken great care to provide you with the best choice of premium charcoal and gas barbecues, and to offer in 2014 the Combi Select as a perefect way to settle the age-old debate. Certainly, where there's an Outback barbecue underway, everyone will enjoy the results! Whatever your choice – charcoal or gas – the answer is just a click away on the Outback product pages. After that, as Which? points out, 'it's simply a matter of taste'.